by Lindsey Mills

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released October 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Lindsey Mills Lake Worth, Florida

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Track Name: Saggy Capricorn
Navy and gold
was the night
I got over

this city of lights
Sick of the air,
thick with

sick of the spider bites
Who gives a shit

if I stay or go?
I won’t disrupt
its eternal vinyasa flow

I’ve got a strong notion
to build a raft,
float merrily down

the river of trash
until I am dumped
in the ocean

Birthday moon, astral
forecast is for change
Hidden astrologer,

thanks for the out!—
I was about to get

Even if you’ve got ulterior motives,
who couldn’t?
Who couldn’t use a change?

I am breakin’ out
At the faultline of dawn,
I am breakin’ out

She says,
“Let your heart break—
break open!

It’s gonna hurt
like hell,
but it must be done.”

She says,
“Run to the river’s edge,
throw yourself in!”
Track Name: Sesame, Sesame
Heavy snow,
I sing
Moon River underneath my breath

and briskly walk
toward the 60 bus I aim to catch--

I miss and wait
an extra 30 minutes
for the next

Quiet room,
I read
the newspaper and gnash my teeth

then pace with broom--
the dustbunnies are givin' me grief

I clean some, decide
there isn't much else
can be done

Open up, open up
to me
Open sesame, Sesame

Pod dweller,
now's your time to draw me in

Late winter
and your root cellar's
empty as my glass has been

I lie awake long enough
to know I will not sleep

Open up,
open up to me
Open sesame, Sesame